Friday, December 30, 2011

Getting Skinny!

Back in May I started doing Food Lovers Fat Loss System with my aunt. I lost 20 pounds before I went on vacation and didn't really have access to the foods I needed to eat. (Like walking downtown seattle, and going to subway because I cant find a market, and eating the entire sub because its enriched bread and not filling) Anywho, this got me off track, and then with the summer heat I just didn't feel like exercising. My Aunt and I decided that once we reached our goals we needed a beach vacay! So Florida it is in June. Which means I have about 5 months, and a lot of weight to lose!

I got my Food Lovers books back out today, and am going to read through them again. This morning I had a great breakfast to start my day. I wont mention that I didn't eat until I had been up for 3 hours, or that I didn't add my cup of berries to my breakfast. I'd say it was a great start!
Yum, eggs! And 2 Cups water :)

Today I am changing my lifestyle. I am going to use Food Lovers to help me get my eating back on track. And I am going to start exercising every day. I have so many exercising options that I could do something different every day of the week if I wanted. So NO excuses. If you want to learn more about Food Lovers head over to the diet free page, where I will link up all my posts on the subject. If you have any questions, feel free to ask I can check my books for things :) 

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