Wednesday, August 17, 2011

Review - The Saga of Darren Shan Books 10-12

Because I have read these last books so quickly I have decided to put them all into 1 last post.
Check out what I thought of the previous books

Book 10 The Lake of Souls
In the tenth book Darren and Harkat get a visit from Mr. Tiny, it is time for Harkat to find out who he was in his previous life. Harkat wants to go alone so Darren can stay and fight the War of Scars, but Darren will not let Harkat travel alone, and goes with him. During this adventure they run into panthers, snakes, dragons, and many other monstrous creatures. They travel to the Lake of Souls to retrieve Harkat Moulds body. When they fish out his body they cannot believe their eyes...

Book 11 Lord of the Shadows
There were many twists and turns in this book. The War of Scars brings Darren back to his hometown. He meets up with Vancha, Debbie, and Alice in order to get ready for the battle with Steve. I don't want to go into too much detail and give anything away. This wasn't the best book for me. There was a lot of suspense, but I was always guessing what was going to happen, and 9 times out of 10 I was correct. This made it not a great book for me, but it was still ok, and worth reading.

Book 12 Sons of Destiny
*Spoiler Alert* I was a little disappointed with the ending of the saga. Throughout the books Destiny Darren or Steve were to become the Lord of the Shadows(an evil being that would destroy the world and everyone in it for power). Darren wanted to win the War of Scars, and therefore must kill Steve. But Darren does not want to become the Lord of Shadows, so he lets Steve kill him as Steve is dying. (Mr. Tiny is furious, because this is not one of the visions of future he saw) Evana the witch, Mr. Tiny's daughter brings back Darren and Mr. Tiny makes him a little person. Their idea is that Darren, as a little person, will go scare off Darren when he first comes to the cirque, so that he will not overhear Steve, and not steal Mr. Crepsley's spider, therefore making none of the other events happen. Although none of anything you read will now happen to Darren Shan, someone random person will be put into his spot and go through all the same things Darren went through. This was disappointing because it was similar to "and then I woke up from a dream"

Overall I would still recommend reading the Darren Shan Saga, it is a very interesting story. I have never ready anything like it.

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