Friday, December 30, 2011

Fat Loss Plate

The fat loss plate has to be my favorite thing about Food Lovers. Food Lovers teaches you how to proportion your food in a way that will let your body lose weight rather than gain. The plates are all about proteins and carbs. Each plate needs one protein. There are 2 types of carbs; slow and fast. I think of it as slow carbs are the good foods; veggies, greens, beans, berries (yay berries). Fast carbs are the bad (but oh-so-good); sweet fruits, potatoes, rice, bread, pasta, candy, alcohol.

There are 3 types of plates;
A: 1 portion protien + 1 portion FAST carb + 1 portion SLOW carb
B: 1 portion protein + 3 portion SLOW carb
C: 1 portion protein + 1 portion FAST carb

Today, I had a C plate for my breakfast eggs and toast. I could have made it an A plate, which would have been better if I would have added a cup of berries.

This diet way of life claims to let you eat anything you want. It is true to some extent. If you want a piece of cake you can have a 100-200 calorie slice for your snack. But just know that its not going to fill you up as almonds, or something else could. If you want to maximize your weight loss the food lovers gives you lists of foods that are best for your snacks to keep you in fat burning mode. It also teaches you what kinds of ingredients you wont want to eat, one of those being enriched flour. One of my favorite things to eat is white shells and cheese. Or heck, any pasta. But most pastas and breads are enriched. This means it takes a lot to get you full. Wheat pastas/breads fill you up much more, and they don't taste bad either. Start eating wheat, you wont regret it! (But be sure to read that wheat label, sometimes they still use enriched/bleached flour.)

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