Wednesday, July 27, 2011

Review - Vampire Mountain by Darren Shan

Book 4 in The Saga of Darren Shan
Six years have passed since the events in Tunnels of Blood. Eight years total since Darren has been blooded by Mr. Larten Crepsley. The Vampire Council is gathering soon Darren and Larten must go to Vampire Mountain, where the vampires gather in the caves and tunnels inside. They are accompanied by 2 Little People(one named Lefty by Evra and Darren because of his limp). On the dangerous trek to the mountain they encounter new friends and a bear who wants to rip him to pieces. The Little People have never spoken before, but Lefty (who has always been very friendly and nice to Darren) speaks, and tells Darren and Larten his Master, Mr. Tiny has sent a message for the Vampire Prince’s about a person who will lead the vampanaze to war (and victory) against the vampires.
Once at the mountain they are greeted by Mr. Crepsley’s mentor, Seba and a new friend Kudra who will soon become a Vampire Prince, and Arra one of the few female vampires. They go to a council meeting who decide that Darren must prove himself as a vampire by passing the Trials of Initiation (due to the fact the Mr. Crepsley blooded a child which is a big no-no). Darren agrees to the trials, and later finds out that if he fails a trial it means death -there is no turning back.
This book was similar to the 3rd in that there was not a lot of action. We learned even more about the vampire clan, as well as new characters who were introduced. Shan told a lot about the Vampire Mountain. This book was a set up for the next book -where Darren must prove himself with the trials. -Can’t wait to read it :)
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