Tuesday, July 26, 2011

Review -Tunnels of Blood by Darren Shan

Book 3 in The Saga of Darren Shan
Mr. Crepsley is found by an old friend, Gavner Purl, after their secret meeting Mr. Crepsley informs Darren they are going to leave the cirque for the time being. Darren brings along his friend Evra, as if it were a vacation. Darren and Evra are free to do as they please while Mr. Crepsley is sleeping. One night while Mr. Crepsley is out they watch the news which reports the finding of 6 dead humans, all drained of their blood. Believing it is Mr. Crepsley they start to tail him each night, until one night when is seems he is going to kill an innocent man. Darren jumps into the rescue, only to find a mad vampaneze was who Mr. Crepsley was actually following. (Vampaneze are vampire’s who always kill the humans they are going to drink from) The vampaneze runs off, and kidnaps Evra on his way out. Mr. Crepsley believes Evra is dead, and the vampaneze long gone. Darren does not agree -Evra is his best friend, he must be alive. Darren must now risk his life -and others- to try and find his best friend, and outsmart the wild vampaneze.
This book was a little slow going with the action because we learned a lot about the history of vampires, and of the vampaneze. All in all it was still a great book, and the information really put things together.
..on to the next book!
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